Bionic Attack is a fast paced Real Time Strategy game, with innovative gameplay elements.

The game is set in a post apocalyptic world, where two factions are fighting for the planet domination. During the campaign or fight mode, you will play both factions, each one has a special unit with a unique gameplay.
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Game features

  • a campaign for the story with more than 40 missions
  • independent maps for the challenge
  • 6 levels of difficulty on independent maps
  • multiple graphic themes
  • more than 40 achievements to unlock
  • shortcuts and control groups
  • asymmetric gameplay with 2 factions for a more varied gaming experience
  • multiplayer mode with LAN and internet

World background

In a far-off solar system, on an isolated planet, the war rages on between the Democratic Alliance and the Conglomerate. More than for the planet domination, the two factions are confronting for the control of resources.

The noxious air and the incessant fights have compelled the population to shelter in bunkers with endless galleries.

Solely the mechanic units are sent to the surface in order to collect the resources and to build defences.

The peace will come only with the destruction of one of the factions. Bionic Attack will immerse you into the story of this conflict at a turning point. The emergence of a new technology in the army of the Democratic Alliance rushes the Conglomerate into a global and unprecedented offensive which leads the two factions to the ultimate battle.

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